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“The essence of true photography is to bring out the very soul of the moment or the emotion captured. CandidShutters is an endeavor to fulfill that very motive of photography.”

Dada Media became a perfect amalgamation of his business skills and the creative interests that rested in Parth’s heart. Thus was born a venture that aims at capturing the beauty of human emotions in their truest and most natural form.
Capturing the emotion since 1982, I can now say I have built my own successful maternity and newborn photography studio with over 1000+ clients. Capturing a photograph is not only for you but also for the generations to follow. They are the only tangible link connecting the past generation with this next generation. 

why choose us Reasons That Sets Us Apart From Ordinary

Unique Sets

We’ve the most unique sets (both indoor & outdoor) than any other photo studio in the nation.

Professional Team​

We’ve a team of
professionals to guide you through every aspect of photography.

Comfortable Studio

We have the most
comfortable and spacious photo studio with world-class amenities.

Customized Touch

We can get customized backdrop ready as per theme in no time. Making your shoot look more grand.

Let’s Take a Fly Over the Studio

Dada Media is the most fabulous photo studio in Surat, Gujarat, that’s ideal for all those awesome events in your life such as, Pre – Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Catalog Photography, Modeling Photography.
and plenty of other events. With this drone video, we attempt to make you familiar with the spaces, facilities and awesomeness that we have for you at here to glitter your event.

about us

Your story deserves to be told in a way that’s real for you. You’ve found your twin flame, your mirror soul, and that’s something that deserves to be immortalized through photography and film.

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