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We offers those ever-so-important services related to weddings. In fact, we love all things weddings to such an extent that we take pleasure in managing all aspects in a bid to make your special day an extraordinary one that will be forever remembered.

Live Programme

If you work with people, you are your brand. Even the little things affect your reputation, and most of your business will come by word-of-mouth referrals. When you go to a shoot, dress appropriately. Iron your shirt. Wash your car. Be organized. Bring your own water and snacks. Charge your electronics.  referral gifts should be classy. Being ready shows professionalism.

Dharmik Programme

Managing your client’s expectations is important to your success. Your clients should know exactly what to expect of you and also what is expected of them. For program, timelines and group pictures should be organized in advance. For  photos, customers should know what clothes and accessories to bring. If you are taking corporate images, people should know how to dress.

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Your story deserves to be told in a way that’s real for you. You’ve found your twin flame, your mirror soul, and that’s something that deserves to be immortalized through photography and film.

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